Most homeowners do not pay attention to

their gutters until a problem arises even

though gutters play an important role in

collecting and carrying rain water away.

Without these gutters rain water would

otherwise run off the roof and stain your

siding and erode your soil.

Aluminum external
Gutters come seamless, in both five and six inch sizes, in a variety of colors and finishes. Heavy duty inside hangers and specialty sealants are used in all connections.
Copper external
gutters are available in both half-round and "K" styles in sizes from 5 to 8 inches. Copper gutters can be ordered red copper, petina, lead coated, or even stamped with decorative patterns.
Our extensive experience working with copper ensures that our copper gutters are as functional as they are beautiful for years after installation.
We "hot solder" all seams to exacting standards, and place expansion joints at critical locations so the metal can expand and contract with changing temperatures.
You can choose from hundreds of design combinations to add a unique accent to a high-end project.
Built-in gutters,
also known as "Yankee" or "Philadelphia-style" gutters, are found on many older churches and other historic buildings.
These gutters can be the source of significant leakage problems if not properly installed or repaired. MZ Construction has extensive experience repairing built-in gutters that are in disrepair.
We can provide an expert assessment of your gutter situation, and we can repair or rebuild systems to restore them to their original condition.
We offer a variety of solutions to leaky built-in systems (including the ability to install flat-locked and hot soldered copper linings) that will solve problems for decades.
Speciality Item
Copper lion's head gutter end cap.
Speciality Item
Copper lion's head gutter.
Built-in Gutters
Reframed, rebuilt and relined.
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