MZ Construction provides cost

effective home additions for clients in

Chicago and surrounding suburbs. A home

addition is a wise investment and adds

value to the home if planned properly. Let

us help you make that wise decision and

add value to your home by supervising your

home addition project from start to finish.

Renovation is the process of improving a structure. Renovations are typically either commercial or residential.
We specialize in Granite Countertops for Kitchens, Bathroom, & Outdoor Patios, & anywhere else you would like to put Granite. Granite is a natural stone that is mined out of mountians in Brazil, Italy, & India. Granite has many natural features to it, some Granite has natural crystal through out the coloring on he stone. All Granite has natural fidgers through out the stone, however after the first sealant is placed on the stone, the fidgers are no longer noticable. Granite should be sealed twice a year to avoid fidgers appearing through. The more exotic the stone the more fidgers the stone may have.
No two pieces of wood are the same-even from the same tree.. These differences in natural grain & color mean that each piece will respond differently to the finishing process. It also explains why there are variations between Cabinets & Floor pieces, within a single cabinet door or drawer front. Over time, all wood species will exhibit color changes to some degree. Exposure to sunlight, smoke & chemicals may cause wood to fade or change from the original color. I'ts only natural...
Maple is an extremely hard wood with a fine texture. It's natural colors range from Creamy white to light blonde tones to dark reddish-browns. So it is possible to have color variation within a single wood species, darker stains will reduce the color variations. These characteristics are a natural part of the wood & not considered defects, but what makes it so appealing & attracting.
The Kitchen is the core, & the heart of your home. It's where families & friends tend to gather around & where busy lives intersect. It is where we drink, eat, study, share, celabrate, learn, & relax...
No doubt it's the most special & important room in the entire home. We provide you with quality cabinetry for your special room. Six different styles, variety of decorative accessories... a beautiful kitchen begins with creativity.
Our cabinetry is constucted with features of expensive custom-built cabinetry, but with more affordabilty and value. Whether it's Kitchen or Bathroom, we have the cabinets for you to create a pleasant & elegant Kitchen & Bathroom.
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